Wordless Wednesday: Songs of your life

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Hello my lovely friends!

Today is the first week of my Wordless Wednesday meme, and I’m so excited to share this post with you! As you all know, this meme launched last week, after considerable thought and encouragement from others.

Anyone can take part, and the main focus is to share aspects of our lives that may not be completely related to books. Each week, I will post a topic for a Wordless Wednesday that you may answer in whatever fashion you may like. All you need to do is link back to kimmiegg in your post so that I can also read your content! (Feel free to use the banner as well.)

The topic for this week is: Songs of Your Life – What are a couple of songs that relate to turning points in your life, and why?

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I feel as if music (and books) are what have helped me through the many turning points and hardships in my life. Here are a couple of songs that are linked to those times.

This Too Shall Pass // Sinclair

There are times where things don’t go as planned, and no matter how hard you try at something, it doesn’t work out. Last year, I thought I put all my effort into prepping for a series of tests, and I didn’t do as well as I’d expected. That paired with intense stress from other life problems made that time in my life unbearable. This song was a reminder (and still is) that life happens and moves on. The chill vibe always calms me down, and some days, I’ll just play this on repeat.

Shooting Star // Owl City

Jumping back in time to the good old freshman days (I say this with immense sarcasm), when I felt as if school was pointless, I wasn’t good enough, and living in my parent’s basement was a good career for me. I heard this over the radio on my bus back home, right when I really needed it. Not only did it give me the boost of motivation I needed, but after spending hours finding this song, I now listen to it whenever I need to remember to achieve.

Thinking About You // Andrew Allen

First off, I just love this song because of how it reminds me of summer and the lyrics are so uplifting and sweet. I don’t think Andrew Allen receives as much credit as he should. I listened to this song non-stop during a very difficult time, and it never failed to get me smiling. Thinking About You, was my comfort song during a time I had to reminded that if there’s someone you love, no matter the circumstances, that won’t change.

New York or London, no matter where I’ve been

there’s one thing that gets me through

is thinking about you~~

Then There’s You // Charlie Puth

A slightly more well known song, by a very popular singer, this song is just one I adore. In my life this is the song that reminds me to always wait for the best. Far more touching than One Call Away, this is a song I want sung to me someday. So although this is not something that relates to a turning point in my life, does planning to have this at my wedding count? (I say this is a 17 year old girl who has absolutely no plans to marry atm…)

Kiss the Rain // Yiruma

Lastly, just a simple piano piece that I love listening to while reading, on dreary days, and whenever I’m feeling bleh. The clear simple tune never fails to relax me, and on some bad days, I will play this on the piano. Can I say, nothing beats playing this with the door wide open while its raining?

Did you enjoy this post? Please consider taking part next week, as I’d love to see what places are on your bucket list. Feel free to use the topics in any way/order you’d like, and I can’t wait to learn more about your non-bookish sides 🙂