i have returned…

Milestone, Monday Update
hello my lovelies…
i know it’s been far too long since i’ve uploaded a post. (so long that i’ve almost forgotten how to start one! ) AND I APOLOGIZE PROFUSELY. i promise, this blog has been on the back of my mind for some time now, and i am so excited to reconnect with all of you again.
as i wrap up my first year in college and try to reorganize, remotivate and restart this creation of mine, i’ve decided to make a few changes to really make this sphere my own again.
please bear with this post as i update you all with some of the things i learned this past year as well as a couple of changes i want to make to this blog.

… college…
can i say wow.
the lessons i learned
the experiences i had
the food i ate
the friends i made
a truly unforgettable time that I never, ever want to forget.
also i time that i found myself slowly growing distant from who i am as i tried to find who i am. which brings me to my next point:
i need this blog. i need to make it mine again.
this being said, here are a couple of changes i’ll be bringing to this little corner of my world.
i want to share my interests with you
i want to share my hobbies with you
i want to share my thoughts with you
i want to introduce new worlds to you
i want to grow with you
and to accomplish this, i’ll be posting a lot more of my photography, more lists of what i like. more recommendations that aren’t entirely centered around books.
so please bear with me as i try to make this a better embodiment of me and as i bring about changes for us.


101 followers, ramblings, and an update

Books, Milestone, Monday Update

Hello my lovely friends!

I’m so excited to announce that I have reached my first milestone of 100 followers! (101 to be exact…)


This blog that I started on a whim, has quickly turned into a favorite hobby of mine, and has helped me to appreciate and love books even more. I’m so glad to have been able to connect with all of you and to discover more facets to this corner of the internet. The two months I’ve been blogging have truly been a memorable time in my life and I’ve learned and experienced so much, (even with a month long hiatus in there somewhere)  Thank you for your support and love, and I can’t wait to expand and grow even more.

As most of you know, I will be heading off to college in five days. FIVE DAYS! Although I’m very excited, I’m also immensely nervous for the big change this entails. Through all of this, I’m excited to be bringing along with me, my love for books and blogging.

Do you  have any advice for college freshman? What are some books I should cram in before leaving? Let me know in the comments below 🙂