review policy

first off, thank you for considering peaches of my heart. I am delighted to take requests for reviews, and to work with you in order to create the most insightful and constructive review for your book.

i review: books, movies, fashion products, beauty products, and fitness products.

please not that it will take approximately two weeks to post a review. I plan on creating a wholesome, insightful review which requires sufficient time to create. Please plan on notifying me accordingly.

for books: I am currently receiving print (which I will prioritize first), E-books and Audiobooks.

I enjoy reading a variety of genre, but am mainly drawn towards Historical Fiction, Romance, Fantasy, Mystery, Thriller and anything geared towards Young Adults.

other: I will gladly receive other products for review


My Rating System

  • 5/5 LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE! I had trouble putting the book down, and couldn’t stop thinking about the book afterwards. It’s officially a new favorite of mine and is a must read. The book that was fully engaging, complex and well written.
  • 4/5 I really like it! The plot was interesting, and the characters were realistic and well developed. The book had a great flow, and good language, and I had no trouble getting through it.
  • 3/5 It was good, but there was definitely room for improvement. Nothing was particularly outstanding, and although it was likable, it felt like something was missing.
  • 2/5 Although there were enjoyable moments, it was hard to really get through the book and maybe too cliche. (I have a strong sense of resentment towards cliche characters, plots and settings). Maybe some other people would enjoy it? But something wasn’t developed well.
  • 1/5 A rare rating, but the book was terrible, and I couldn’t even finish it. No redeeming qualities, and nothing to suggest that this book had anything to offer.

Extra Information (books)

  • When a receive a book to review, I will mention it in a post and will produce a secondary post with the review.
  • My reviews are 100% my thoughts about the book. If there are aspects of the book I did not enjoy, I will mention it and will always add a reason.
  • My goal is to be honest with myself and my readers, so all reviews reflect my thoughts.
  • I plan on giving honest, insightful reviews that are not derogatory or meant to offend the author. However, I plan on being truthful so I cannot promise that the review will be positive.
  • If there are spoilers in my review, I will be labeling them as such.


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