my fitness journey update #1

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honestly, juggling a 8 hour day internship, reading, working out and cooking seems borderline impossible. after all, there is only 24 hours in a day and a third of that should be dedicated to sleep (aha, like that ever happens). here’s how I sorta made it work this past week.



short explanation for starting this series:
college has been pretty heavy on my body, causing me to gain 20 lbs and lose whatever muscle I had maintained doing sports in high school. deciding it was time for a lifestyle change, I’ve tried to cut out unnecessary sweets (meaning I still get to pop in a chocolate here and there), exercise daily and move around more
hoping to return to my original weight and strength, and this time, maintain it within my busy schedule somehow.
accountability is key, so hopefully posting 3 day updates will keep me going!
hopefully this will be some sort of inspiration/motivation to all of you


day 1 (aka monday)
  • 15 squats while curling my hair counts as morning exercise… right?
  • managed to gulp down a glass of water with a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar mixed in (read the benefits)
  • breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so apple+dumplings+sponge cake+egg it is
  • one hour lunch break = 30 min run at the gym across the street
  • meal prep from the night before meant I had overnight oats handy for today’s lunch
  • after work calls for some quality time with the elliptical and treadmill
  • also tried out some weight machines
  • hard day at work means quality dinner so fish and salad it is



day 2 (aka tuesdsay)
  • rushed out the door with apple + fig bar + aftertaste of my apple cider drink
  • went on a low impact 1hr hike sponsored by my workplace
  • lunch is my go to overnight oats
  • hard boiled egg to get through my afternoon slump (accompanied with about 5 mini chocolates.. cough cough)
  • long day of sitting compels me to go to piyo class and stretch/work my musceles
  • dinner = korean seaweed soup + rice + beef



day 3 (aka wednesday)
  • trying to get in the habit of stretching and massaging my legs in the morning
  • once again, cup of apple cider vinegar an apple, egg and seaweed soup
  • break means a short stairmaster workout to get my blood moving
  • overnight oats for lunch.. (again…)
  • evening workout turned out to be 30 minutes on the elliptical, light weights and a 10 min cool down on the bike
  • dinner was a ddeobboki. treated myself to this spicy goodness after a long day of work



goals for my next update:
  • drink more agua
  • do more stretching
  • eat more veggies



what are your fitness goals for this summer? how do you hope to become HEALTHY and be good for your body?



summer’s hottest hair trends

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as the summer season reaches it’s peak, fresh hair to combat the heat is necessary. here are some looks to help bring in the hottest of days with flourish.



sleek and chic + sun kissed vibes


beat the heat by bringing it with this intense look that is sure to turn heads. though many turn to more golden hues for the summer, defy the odds and opt for a more eye-catching look.




braids, braids and more braids


braids have never gone out of style especially now with the plethora of new ideas on how to reinvent the original braid. ranging from feminine to grunge to rebel, braids have played a huge part in our culture and has helped define identity in many different ways. use this foolproof hairstyle to wow at any date, outing or event. summer has never been more plaited.




komplicated kolors


rose gold, unicorn, sunset, pastels, you name it. all colors of the rainbow (and more) have finally hit our heads are and are providing a refreshing start to our summer. the more colorful the better so don’t be afraid to go beyond your comfort zone. make your look pop!




three looks you can’t go wrong with



what summer hairstyles are you looking at to combat the heat? would you try any of these trending hairstyles out?


you need to watch: Captain Fantastic

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:: director : Matt Ross :: released : July 29 2016 :: my rating: 5/5 :: rating: R :: genre: comedy, drama :: IMDb
hello my lovelies!
a free weekend + good tea + windy night compelled me to prop open my laptop and finally get around to watching a movie my co-worker had been raving about for some time. i was not disappointed. this movie seamlessly incorporated concepts of love, loyalty and innocence with hard topics of politics and religion while also providing critiques about current societal problems associated with child rearing.
whew. that was a mouthful. but so is this movie.

“let’s dig. Otherwise she has to lie under that bullshit forever.”

the power of words, actions, conformity and death were somehow rolled into one giant production that left me speechless and reaching for my mouse to hit the replay button. all spoilers have been identified in red, so lets delve in and get started 🙂

synopsis from IMDb:
In the forests of the Pacific Northwest, a father devoted to raising his six kids with a rigorous physical and intellectual education is forced to leave his paradise and enter the world, challenging his idea of what it means to be a parent.

my review:
beginning with a breathtaking shot of the forest in which the father, Ben, is currently raising his six children. we are exposed to their primitive ways that seems almost like a scene out of an adventure book we read when we were young. this misplaced scene is contrasted by the teamwork, love and drive each of these characters have and their distinct personality begins to show within the first five minutes of the movie.
this movie combines stunning scenery and diverse characters to keep the viewer engaged while teaching important life lessons. we are also given various critiques on the current state of society.

here are 10 truths garnered from this movie
  1. children can handle the truth
  2. and sometimes the truth is what everyone needs more of
  3. structure/routine is important. standards are not
  4. mental health is as important as physical health and neither should ever be neglected
  5. death should be celebrated, not mourned
  6. find your roots, learn your identity, remember your past
  7. books can’t teach you everything
  8. actions, not words define us
  9. don’t follow the norm. question everything. create your own beliefs
  10. sometimes you have to break the rules. and that’s ok

spotlighting this unique way of living highlighted elements of today’s society that we have grown accustomed to but may not be the best option. by returning to the basics, reconnecting with nature, a higher level of understanding and ability can be obtained. contrary to popular belief, this movie demonstrated how living with only the basics does not mean less intelligence of competence. rather, returning to our primitive ways can allow for a higher level of understanding.

5 quotes to compel you to watch
  1. Father:”We can’t go to mommy’s funeral. We have to do what we’re told. Some fights, you can’t win. The powerful control the lives of the powerless. That’s the way the world works. It’s unjust and it’s unfair. But that’s just too damn bad. We have to shut up and accept it.
    [now turning around in his seat]
    Father: Well, fuck that!
  2. If you assume that there is no hope, you guarantee that there will be no hope. If you assume that there is an instinct for freedom, that there are opportunities to change things, then there is a possibility that you can contribute to making a better world.
  3. We’re defined by our actions, not our words.
  4. It’s a beautiful mistake. But a mistake.
  5. Live each day like it could be your last. Drink it in. Be adventurous, be bold, but savor it. It goes fast.

Have you watched or heard of this movie? If so, what are your thoughts? If not, do you think you will watch it in the future? Let me know in the comments below!