i have returned…

Milestone, Monday Update
hello my lovelies…
i know it’s been far too long since i’ve uploaded a post. (so long that i’ve almost forgotten how to start one! ) AND I APOLOGIZE PROFUSELY. i promise, this blog has been on the back of my mind for some time now, and i am so excited to reconnect with all of you again.
as i wrap up my first year in college and try to reorganize, remotivate and restart this creation of mine, i’ve decided to make a few changes to really make this sphere my own again.
please bear with this post as i update you all with some of the things i learned this past year as well as a couple of changes i want to make to this blog.

… college…
can i say wow.
the lessons i learned
the experiences i had
the food i ate
the friends i made
a truly unforgettable time that I never, ever want to forget.
also i time that i found myself slowly growing distant from who i am as i tried to find who i am. which brings me to my next point:
i need this blog. i need to make it mine again.
this being said, here are a couple of changes i’ll be bringing to this little corner of my world.
i want to share my interests with you
i want to share my hobbies with you
i want to share my thoughts with you
i want to introduce new worlds to you
i want to grow with you
and to accomplish this, i’ll be posting a lot more of my photography, more lists of what i like. more recommendations that aren’t entirely centered around books.
so please bear with me as i try to make this a better embodiment of me and as i bring about changes for us.