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Hello my lovely friends!

So as you know, I spent the month of July in Korea, visiting family and friends, and taking a well needed vacation. I had an incredible time eating amazing Korean food, catching up with my extended family, and sightseeing. Although I tried to include every place I went to, and all the things I did, this post was wayyyyy to long, so enjoy this very shortened version of my trip πŸ™‚

We arrived at the Incheon Airport, late at night and stumbled our way to my grandma’s building in Seoul. *Pro Tip* If you ever decide to head over to Korea, make sure to take Korean Airlines, as their service is phenomenal, and if you take the day trip, they’ll make sure to give you great selections on food every hour.


This is the view from my grandma’s rooftop. This was taken early in the morning, when the air was still cool, and the city was already awake.

After getting caught up with my grandparents, and some sleep, our family drove about two hours to Gangnam to visit my Dad’s parents. Gangnam is quite rural, and there are actual houses and these houses have backyards. (I only found this exciting because Korea is tiny and living space limited.)


Here is the front of my grandparents house, although it’s cut off, to the left, there’s a second story and the inside is decorated in a very quaint and lovely manner.


This is a tiny pond my grandparents had in their backyard filled with fish and frogs!

Mini history lesson: Koreans use to store their Kimchi and other goods in these clay barrels called μž₯λ…λŒ€. Everywhere I went, there were some of these huge pots that people still use!


I love how green, lush and fresh every morning here was.


Also in my grandparent’s back yard, a lovely stream in which we lost a towel in.

After about a week, we headed to Daejon where the Kaist University is located. That is where my dad attended, and we met his friend to have dinner in a very fancy restaurant.


This was the view when we first arrived. There was a lovely stream running just below, and the decor of the room was very elegant.


This was one course of the seven course meal we had. Each dish was presented beautifully/ (Although this is half eaten, you sorta get the idea, right?)

And while we’re on the topic of food, it’s important to realize that in Korea, there are numerous side dishes that come free of charge with your meal. And that normally, there are several courses that you will be presented with.


This is about 1/3 of the actual table…

Next, we headed to Geongbokgyung to explore the historical sights of Korea. There were many burial sites, Buddhist temples and museums we visited. One of the phenomenal sights were each grave, as they were all well sized hills. After a person was buried, rocks would then be stacked, then dirt, then grass would be planted.


Here is a wooden statue of one of the God’s protecting the Buddhist temple.



Prayer lanterns on one of the yards. There were thousands of these in every space possible.


This intricate detailing was done by hand, and found on every rooftop on the temples. And I can’t even color in the lines.

Next, we headed to Sol Beach to relax and spend time together exploring the beach and playing at various water parks. I had the privilege of staying at two different resorts. Both were very spacious, and comfortable (each coming with three rooms, a kitchen, dinig area and living room) while enjoying arcade rooms and karaoke rooms each night. Oh, and did I mention that the view was incredible?


A picture I took standing just outside our room.


We had amazing, fresh seafood for about every meal. My grandma also would head to the beach and pick up various shellfish to put in our breakfast.


Here are a lineup of boats at the dock. We saw a man almost fall off a boat, and two men fighting over some goods. It was quite an eventful day.

Snapchat-4351249821586469271 Snapchat-4210380182648039418


My family then stayed at a pension with a couple of my dad’s friends and their families. This was one of the best times I had because all of my cousins are significantly younger than me. I was able to learn and understand the Korean culture better through girls that were the same age as me.


A Japanese style pension.

The last week was spent in Seoul, where my family visited with other relatives, and I was able to sightsee. We also visited Insadong, which is a tourist heavy site. There you can rent hanboks and walk around with your friends.

We also visited my mom’s college Ehwa’s Womens University, and I got to experience the amazing architecture and atmosphere that college offered.


Some bubble tea we snagged at a cute cafe.


I really got a great tan going to multiple water parks, including Carribean Bay! Shopping was so enjoyable, and I spent considerable time in stationary shops, subway stores, and the mall (which is very overpriced). Remember, that what you see above ground is not all, there is a whole new world underground as well.

So there’s my 2016 summer adventure in which I visited seven places, ate incredible five course meals everyday, saw the most breathtaking views, and spent time with people I hadn’t seen in seven years. All in three weeks time. And I couldn’t even include all I did in one post! What are your travel plans this summer? Where have you gone, and what did you learn? Let me know in the comments below πŸ™‚

12 thoughts on “korea 2016

  1. Wow, Korea seems to be amazing! I didn’t know much about it but thanks to you I now know something about this country πŸ˜‰ the food looks so delicious I’d love to eat it all 😁

    Liked by 1 person

    1. There are definitely various aspects of Korean culture I love and enjoy, and then some that I wish would stop existing. Nevertheless, each time I go, there’s a sense of pride and joy in being there, and seeing dedicated people and amazing history. I have to say, the food was one of the best parts! And because it was so humid, I felt like I sweated it right off as well :p

      Liked by 1 person

  2. This is such a great post, and I’m thrilled to see you decided to post about your trip to Korea as well.
    It sounds like you had an amazing time. I love all your pictures as well they’re really making me want to visit Korea myself one day, especially the food pictures because they look so yummy! πŸ˜€

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Beth! I had such a wonderful time there, and really wanted to share (especially because I’d been advertising my leaving for quite some time). I had uploaded more food pictures, but decided not to make my readers go through an endless scroll… I felt like I was really eating well everyday, and I’m already craving a lot of the foods we ate!
      Please visit someday! I promise you won’t regret it πŸ™‚ Most of the people make an effort to learn English, so as long as you have solid plans, you will have fun!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh I love seeing travelling posts from anywhere and everywhere, even if they’re posts from people visiting England where I live!
        I wouldn’t mind an endless scroll of food pictures but I guess it’s maybe not for everyone!
        It’s on my travel-to list but given that that is nearly as long as my to-read list it may be a while before I can get to Korea, hopefully one day though! πŸ˜€


  3. Ahh, thanks for sharing your travels, Grace! I’ve been to South Korea exactly once in my life and I’m very, very keen to repeat the experience. One of the best things about it was definitely the numerous side dishes I got to eat – though I admit I’m not the biggest fan of kimchi, which is ever-present. What was the ONE highlight of your trip, would you say? πŸ™‚

    I don’t really have travel plans for summer (it’s winter where I am atm) but I might be taking my boyfriend to my home country this spring and I. AM. TERRIFIED.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Of course! Thanks for reading this super long post, though it must have made your fingers tired just to scroll down :p I think there were many things I wanted to do, that I wasn’t able to, so the next time I go, I’ll definitely be knocking those off my bucket list. The one highlight of my trip was probably meeting the other girls my age, and giggling through the night. It was so easy to connect with them, and learning about their lives was really eye-opening and enlightening.

      Oh right! The opposite weather thing always confused me, and I still don’t understand the science behind it… Haha, that sounds awesome! I would not mind a trip with my significant other, but it would also be sooooo stressful. Best of luck, and I can’t wait to hear about how that goes! Very excited for you right now actually, that I’m grinning ear to ear:)


      1. That sounds amazing! I’m assuming these girls are the cousins you mentioned in the post?

        For me I think the stressful part would be introducing him to my extended family – I have TONS of aunts/cousins/uncles who would make a lot of comments… though given the fact that they don’t speak the same language as my BF would be kind of a blessing, in a way. Thanks, I definitely need all the luck I can get! He seems pretty chill and relaxed but I’m just thinking of all the things that could go wrong with my big family. xD

        Liked by 1 person

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