Wordless Wednesday: 7.6.16 Korean Street Food

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Hello my lovely friends! First off I’d like to mention that I am in Korea right now (this is a scheduled post) and I will not be able to reply to your comments as frequently as I’d like. I’ll still be checking up on my blog often, so don’t forget to say hello!

This week, for my Wordless Wednesday – when I post about anything unrelated to books – I’ve decided to show you the wonderful array of street food in Korea. This is part of my “Know Korea” series that I decided to start because of the time I’ll be spending there, and my insatiable need for me to share everything with you guys. Honestly, there’s nothing better than the outdoor markets, and delicious smells wafting from outdoor vendors as you walk down the streets.

떡볶이 (tteokbokki )

This delicious spicy rice cake is perfect for any season and occasion. A quick eat, or a side dish for an elaborate meal, this dish is sure to fulfill your sweet and spicy cravings. The sauce is actually a combination of gochuchang (Korean chili paste), dried chili power and sugar. There are many variations to this dish, such as adding slices of boiled eggs or ramen. It is not uncommon to see students congregated outside a vendor giggling away.

호떡 (hoddeok)

This savory Korean sweet pancake can is normally filled with a brown sugar syrup. However, many variations can be found including ones filled with vegetables. This warm snack is sure to keep you grinning as you sight see.

 오뎅  (odeng)

Odeng is one of the cheapest street foods you’ll find, and are simply fish cakes drowned in a delicious broth. This is a filling snack, and is usually served as a eat first, pay later basis. For those of you who dislike spicy foods, go ahead and check out this snack as it is a variation of tteobokki.

만두 (dumplings)

There are many variations of this delicious dish, including a deep fried version. This savory snack is classic favorite, and it is common to see many locals munching away on this soft, delicious snack.

계란빵 (gyrenppang)

The toppings for this protein packed bread are endless! From shrimp, to octopus, ham green onion and various herbs this snack is sure to leave you satisfied, and begging for more.

붕어빵 (Boong Uh Bbang)

This bread is stuffed with a sweet red bean paste that has recently been on the news for its adaptation into five star restaurants. Not only is the shape cute and fun, but the bread is crunchy and very savory.

I hope you enjoyed exploring various Korean street foods with me today! What are some street foods that are famous in your area? Let me know in the comments below 🙂

13 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: 7.6.16 Korean Street Food

  1. Oh wow this is a great post (I always love seeing something a little different from books, and I love the idea of Wordless Wednesday as well! I may have to check this meme out sometime).
    I really love those pictures too, they all look really yummy and I am getting a strong urge to visit Korea now to experience it all for myself.
    I hope you’re having a great time as well! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Beth! I’m debating advertising this as a meme, what do you think? I’ve enjoyed posting about things that don’t particularly relate to books. Thank you so much, all the street food was wonderful, and you’ll just have to visit and try them all out 🙂
      Thanks for your lovely comment!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. All of these foods look so delicious! I especially want to try the hoddeok and the Boong Uh Bbang! So yummy looking. Thanks for sharing! I hope you’re enjoying your time there 🙂

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  3. Great post. So that’s what the pancake is called! I was having troubles figuring out the name of it. I discovered it from my cousin who brought over some hoddeok powder back home to make for me. She never told me the name of it, but I could recognize what it was. From there, I visited my Korean supermarket to get premix packages to make whenever I was craving it. I basically just chose a premix that had images that looked like hoddeok. Usually 9/10 I picked the right box to make with. 😀

    I was planning to do a post about me making them, but didn’t know what the name was so. Thanks for that.


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